Eco Friendly Building



The house was completed in 2018. One of the advantages of the house is the quality of living. It is a low-energy house built from natural materials.


The walls were prepared in a workshop. They are composed of wooden frames or panels with straw bales squeezed in between the panels. The house’s exterior is treated with special thermal lime plaster, which offers extra thermal insulation. The interior walls are treated with clay plaster, which gives the space its fresh air. The clay plaster also regulates the humidity, stops electromagnetic radiation and is an excellent heat conductor.


The bottom floor has an underfloor heating system powered by a heat pump. The heat pump uses ambient air as an inexhaustible heat source, thus reducing CO2 emissions. Walls in the upper floor have built-in clay electrical panels, which do not emit electromagnetic radiation and are plastered in the wall. You do not even notice them, yet you feel the pleasant warmth similar to the warmth of the sun.


We use a biological cleaning device to purify the waste water. With the help of microorganisms, the device efficiently purifies the water and then returns it to nature.

Does this look like fun?


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